About Us

Who is Sofinno.

Sofinno is a software company who wants to help people and companies, quick and for a low price, with adaptive software tools and knowledge. Sofinno is also specialized in transferring programming knowledge to his customers.

Next to the software development, Sofinno can also take care of all the necessary Hardware implementations that are needed. This goes from the delivery of a simple memory card to the integration of an entire network infrastructure including servers, firewall’s, routers, switches, desktop pc’s, laptops, cabling, … . All needed software and their configuration are also included in our service.

Sofinno always encourages a clear agreement. We will always give you a clear summary of all the work that is requested with a fixed price. This way we can promise our customers that they will never get unsuspected surprises in the middle of a requested task.

The scheduling of the work will also be done in agreement to ensure your continuity.

Sofinno delivers Solutions to everyone…

If you should have malfunctioning hardware or software, Sofinno can solve it. Many years of experience makes us the solution to your software and IT problems.

Passion for technique

Our passion for technique is our main motivation. This is a domain that continues to evolve and that's what is driving us. Technical books and articles still represent a wealth of information. Our passion goes from electronics and the development of machines to servers and software.
We already have experience in many sectors like the diamond sector, the medical sector, the metal industry, etc. .

Satisfaction of teaching others.

Sofinno professionals like to learn but we also like to teach. One of our core businesses is to transfer our knowledge to others. We will listen to your desires and we can teach you everything to reach your goals as quick as possible. This can be individual or in group.