Outsourcing has his main advantage that you don’t need to train and maintain own people for a specific task. Our well trained programmers will supply you with solutions and you never have to worry how everything is solved. We will do the job for you. When the task is done, all programmed software will be delivered and will be your property. Sofinno consists of highly trained and passionate specialists that will give you the best solutions at the shortest time. Sofinno can help you designing robust and advanced solutions with a fresh and objective look on your needs and your desires.

The Sofinno way.

Every agreement will be preceded by an open conversation where we will distinct what is needed, what is desired and what is possible in a realistic point of view. When everything is clear, we will make you the complete offer that best suits your request.
So, we can ensure you a clear agreement without surprises. You always know exactly what will be delivered, and at which price.


  • Software development
    • Standalone pc programs
    • Communication solutions where several pc’s has to exchange information
    • Server/Client solutions where the server is controlling al the clients
    • Internet and Intranet solutions  (applications, web services, … )
    • Website projects ( advanced sites with complete layout design )
      • Web shop
      • Communication website or community
      • Web project with link to existing software tools like ERP software
    • Embedded solutions for pda’s, phones or other specific embedded devices
    • PLC development for machinery